My mom smoked. I can bear in mind the dark cave of Fred's sweetshop where she delivered me to buy five Player's Weights, the smell of the paraffin and Fred passing the lean packet over the counter piled with dusty sweets - a storage area that has become confounded in my own brain with my shame and his disgust the very first time I had developed to … Read More

These are all common questions. Before we speak about any wild hair tips, its important so that you can understand that your hair IS GROWING!!! Efa's and protein are essential, too. Regarding to Bazilian, getting enough good excess fat supports hair's wetness retention, sparkle and overall mobile support. Low proteins, the foundation of all tissue,… Read More

Growing up I had been captivated by the middle-ages. I loved the best castles, big dresses, and galant knights. However, there have been a few things that made me very thankful for having the opportunity to live now instead of then. Shampoo for example. I couldn't cover my little brain around how some individuals only bathed several times a year pl… Read More

Most of us take care of our mane to, well, look good. Whatever we don't realize is how much deeper the hair-body interconnection goes. While a hair dryer may help you reach your desired style, the vitality and high temperature disrupt the chemical substance bonds of the scalp, says Ogunleye, which over time can cause hair to break. Furthermore, the… Read More